What makes Antens Domen special?
We undercut all our one-year-old plants at the correct root length. The roots of stems for straight plants and for grafting are cut at 12 to 15 cm.  Roots for potting stems are cut at 8 to 12 cm depending on the variety.

Why is undercutting that important?
Undercutting provides a nicely branched root system. This ensures that at the end of our growing season the plants are ready for a good start at your nursery.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and/or remarks about this list. Together we will always find a good solution, provided the plants are in stock.
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A short explanation about the used measurements.
We use the following example to explain the used measurements: 6/10 40/60

  • 6/10 is the thickness. The plant has a diameter of 6 tot 10 mm just above the root collar
  • 40/60 is the height. If measured from the root collar, the plant measures 40 to 60 cm.

If only one measurement is mentioned, it always concerns the height.


Terms and conditions of business

Delivery is ex-nursery and according to the Dutch tree nursery conditions (H.B.N. conditions 2008).
Payment is due within 30 days.
2% discount if paid within 14 days.
After 60 days 7.5 % interest will be charged on the already delivered plants.
Unless otherwise mutually agreed.
If the packaging is not returned in time we will have to charge the following amounts (excl 21% VAT):
€ 160.00- per iron pallet
€ 19.00- per box pallet
€ 3.50 per crate

Our discounts

The following surcharge/discounts apply to our crop prices. These apply to the total purchased goods in one season. This sliding scale applies to all pot- and grafting stems and straight sorted plants, Christmas trees and forest and hedging plants. It does not apply to seedlings.
- < 1,000 pieces 10% surcharge
- 1,000 < 10,000 no discount
- 10,000 < 25,000 5% discount
- 25,000 < 50,000 7.5% discount
- 50,000 < 100,000 10% discount
- 100,000 < 200,000 15% discount

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